Project Manager (Full time)

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Job Summary

The Project Manager will be responsible to oversee the financial planning, management, and coordination of a project

Job duties and responsibilities
    • To oversee the financial planning, management, and coordination of a project
    • Ensuring timely completion of a project within set budget
    • Liaise between various departments and groups working on a project to relay feedback and evaluations from one department to another
    • Ensure the scope and course of a project is on track
    • Set feasible goals and objectives for a project
    • Carry out assessments to identify possible limitations a department may face during the course of a project so as to make necessary adjustments
    • Confer with upper management to gather information on the assets and functional capacity of various company departments – this is useful in determining project requirements and expected revenue
    • A customer interface role, must be well dressed, composed, articulate and versatile in his field
    • Assisting the various departments of an organization in drafting plans on how a project should be completed
    • Prepare budget, establish project deadline and produce charts, which highlight the key processes of a project from inception to completion
    • To ensure all SLAs and Customer timelines are met
    • Track the progress of a project and monitor performance statistics, whilst sharing improvement plans
    • Oversee the hiring and training of a project unit or sub-contractors to ensure availability of competent workforce
    • Assign duties or designate work territories to project team according to their capability and specialty
    • Present periodic reports to senior managers on project operations and progress
    • Evaluate the efficiency of a process to determine the need for change in operational procedure, and also ensure compliance with set project standards and guidelines
    • Manage the relationship between stakeholders and clients, as well as establish and maintain good work relationship with third party vendors or contractors.
Job requirements and qualifications
    • Bachelor’s degree in project management, business, or in other similar discipline
    • A Master’s degree is an added advantage
    • About 5 years of experience in the field of resource management ( Telecoms sector preferably) is necessary for the job
    • Project managers are also required to obtain project management professional certification from the Project Management Institute
    • Lead a team of project personnel to achieve set objectives
    • Conduct forecasts to identify limitations that can impede the progress of a project
    • Relay project information to various departments of an organization.
  • N500,000
Minimum Experience
  • 5 years
Maximum Experience
Application Deadline: 30th April, 2024

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