Human Resource Personnel (Full time)


   3 weeks ago

Job Summary

- Recruitment and selection of employees
- Managing employee relations and conflict resolution
- Implementing HR policies and procedures
- Conducting performance evaluations and providing feedback
- Overseeing employee training and development programs
- Administering employee benefits and compensation
- Ensuring compliance with labor laws and regulations
- Handling employee grievances and disciplinary actions
- Managing HR-related documentation and records

Job duties and responsibilities
  • - Recruitment and staffing
    - Employee relations and conflict resolution
    - Training and development
    - Performance management
    - Compensation and benefits administration
    - Policy development and implementation
    - Compliance with employment laws and regulations
    - Employee engagement and retention efforts
    - Organizational culture development
    - HR data management and analytics

Job requirements and qualifications
  • *Education:*
    - Bachelor's degree in human resources, business administration, psychology, or related field

    - Entry-level positions may require minimal to no prior experience
    - Mid-level positions typically require 2-5 years of HR experience
    - Senior or managerial positions may require 5+ years of relevant experience

    *Other Responsibilities:*
    - Collaborating with other departments on HR-related initiatives
    - Conducting employee engagement activities
    - Participating in strategic planning and decision-making processes
    - Staying updated on industry trends and best practices
    - Representing the company in labor negotiations or disputes when necessary

  • 220,000
Minimum Experience
  • 2 years
Maximum Experience
  • 10 years
Application Deadline: 8th June, 2024

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