Fleet Manager (Full time)

   Lagos ,

   8 months ago

Job Summary

We are looking for a Fleet Manager to join our team to oversee the purchasing and maintenance of vehicles to maximize our profitability. 
Fleet Manager responsibilities include recruiting drivers, maintaining vehicle serving records and ensuring operational efficiency across the fleet.  

Job duties and responsibilities
    • Purchasing vehicles to expand and/or enhance the fleet
    • Scheduling regular maintenance on all vehicles
    • Ordering urgent or emergency repairs as needed
    • Establishing efficient routes and transportation schedules
    • Coordinating Drivers and on-staff maintenance professionals when setting employee schedules
    • Managing vehicle licensure and registration
    • Ensuring all fleet members have proper licensure and up-to-date training
    • Monitoring Drivers to ensure adherence to schedules and proper driving practices
    • Developing strategies for greater fuel efficiency
    • Ensuring strict servicing and maintenance times to minimize downtime and maintain schedules.
    • Monitoring driver behaviour and ensuring a high level of customer service
    • Analyzing data to increase business operational efficiency.
    • Utilizing GPS systems to monitor drivers and track vehicles in case of theft.
    • Searching for, hiring and training new Drivers
    • Providing reports to management on budgeting, schedules, maintenance and fleet progress
    • Developing methods to decrease cost and improve efficiency
Job requirements and qualifications
    • Degree in logistics or accounting
    • Minimum of 7 years in the fleet management field
    • Great written and verbal communication skills
    • Excellent leadership skills, including goal-setting, motivation and training
    • Expert knowledge of best driving, delivery, vehicle maintenance and other industry practices
    • Good analytical skills
    • Familiarity with transportation scheduling and management software
    • Understanding of basic vehicle mechanics, including the ability to identify when major repairs are needed
    • Ability to set and monitor a budget
    • Good problem-solving, critical thinking and decision-making skills
    • Exceptional organization, time management and multitasking abilities
    • Keen attention to detail
  • Negotiable
Minimum Experience
  • 5 years
Maximum Experience
  • 12 years
Application Deadline: 29th April, 2024

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